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What is the kamangyan viral tiktok? (kamangyan shampoo issue video)

kamangyan viral tiktok
What is the “Kamanyan Shampoo Problem” video?
TikTok users are in shock after a popular Filipino video blogger accidentally posted something that shouldn’t have been posted.
The video, now known as Kamangyan’s shampoo issue video, was allegedly posted by Kamangyan in error as a sponsored upload and was quickly deleted, but is now being shared online.

Here’s what you need to know: What is “Kamanyan Shampoo issue Video”?
KaMangyan is a popular Filipino video blogger with a large presence online.
Her TikTok page @mercedeslasac09 has over 5 million followers and her YouTube channel has over 32 million subscribers. She mainly posts dance videos, vlogs, and popular TikTok trending videos.

In early November, KaMangyan posted a sponsored video on her TikTok page promoting a shampoo product. However, the video she posted was improperly edited and showed her taking a shower, accidentally exposing too much of her body.
She deleted the video, but some viewers downloaded it and began sharing it online on subreddits such as /r/ChikaPH.
What are people’s reactions to kamangyan viral tiktok?
Since the video was uploaded, some people have shared it online without their consent.
We suspect that some of these people are trying to sell videos to people who are looking for them, while others are trying to scam interested buyers.
Because of this, the videos on TikTok, YouTube, and X were simply labeled “KaMangyan Shampoo Problem Video.
” On the bright side, KaMangyan’s followers are showing their support in the comments on his TikTok.
In some of her recent top comments, users are sharing their love for her, supporting her efforts to sue people who shared her videos, and saying that her videos have changed their opinion of her.

kamangyan viral tiktok

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