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Meagan Hall Video Twitter


Meagan Hall Video Twitter

Meagan Hall, The Former Married Cop Gone Wild, Has Been Granted A Court Date In March 2025. Accusing Co-Workers Involved As “Predators” Who Groomed Her Into Having An Affair. She Is Seeking $3 Million For Lost Wages, Medical Expenses, Mental/Emotional Distress & Reputational Harm.
A police officer named Maegan Hall and several of her colleagues has been terminated from their positions as police officers due to their involvement in multiple workplace affairs.


The internal investigation, conducted in December, revealed that the officers engaged in various s*xual misconduct, such as exchanging explicit photos, stripping off in a “Girls Gone Wild” hot tub party, and even having oral s*x with two other officers at a police station.

Hall and the other officers involved, Sergeant Lewis Powell, Officer Juan Lugo, Sergeant Ty McGowan, and Detective Seneca Shields, were all dismissed as a result of their actions.

The misconduct was discovered after the Mayor of La Vergne, Jason Cole, received a tip-off about Hall’s involvement in a party with officer Magliocco and his wife, among other claims.

Meagan Hall Video Twitter

Meagan Hall Video Twitter

Magliocco admitted to having s*x with Hall on “numerous occasions.” The investigation found that the affairs occurred in hotel rooms, other officers’ houses, and even on a boat, while they were all on the clock.

Hall reportedly claimed to be in an “open marriage” and allegedly agreed to have a party with the Maglioccos, despite her husband’s objections.

Meagan Hall Video Twitter

Magliocco also claimed that Hall bragged about Powell’s “big black d***,” and that Powell performed an s*x act on him while on duty. Powell initially denied having any s*xual contact with Hall but later admitted to the affair.
Hall initially denied the s*xual relationships with Powell and Magliocco but eventually confessed and also admitted to having s*x with Lugo at a motel.

According to the sources, two additional officers, Patrick Magliocco and Larry Holladay, who was accused of having affairs with Hall, kept their jobs but were ultimately suspended.

The internal investigation also discovered that Hall and many of the male officers had exchanged porn*graphic texts and pictures of themselves.

This type of behavior is considered s*xual harassment, as it can lead to a hostile work environment for other employees.

In summary, a group of police officers, led by officer Maegan Hall, were terminated from their positions due to their involvement in multiple workplace affairs.

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