what happened in aliza sehar lake video dailymotion

what happened in Aliza sehar lake video dailymotion

What to know about the viral video of Aliza Sehar, a Pakistani YouTuber and TikToker. According to some sources, Aliza Sehar had a private video call with an unknown person, who recorded and leaked the video online. Aliza Sehar original video showed Aliza Sehar performing an inappropriate act while talking to the person. This caused a lot of backlash and criticism from her fans and the public, who were disappointed by her behavior.

Some reports also claimed that Aliza Sehar attempted to commit suicide after the video was exposed, but she was saved and hospitalized. However, there is no official confirmation or update on her condition or situation. The video of her crying is believed to be her last video before taking her own life.

aliza sehar lake video dailymotion

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