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the woman in the black dress hamas video


the woman in the black dress hamas video-

Initially, she was known simply as “The Woman in the Black Dress.
” @UN @antonioguterres The grainy video shows her lying on her back, her dress torn, her legs spread, and her vagina exposed.
Her face is burned beyond recognition and she covers her eye with her right hand.

the woman in the black dress hamas video

This video was shot in the early morning hours of October 8 by a woman looking for her missing friend at a rave venue in southern Israel where Hamas terrorists massacred hundreds of Israeli youth the day before.
This video went viral, with thousands of people reacting, wanting to know if the woman in the black dress was her missing friend, her sister, or her daughter.
One family knew exactly who they were: Gul Abdoush, a mother of two from a working-class town in central Israel, left a rave with her husband that night.

As the terrorists close in on her and she finds herself trapped in a line of cars fleeing the party on the highway, she sends a final WhatsApp message to her family: “They don’t understand.
Based mostly on video evidence reviewed by The New York Times, Israeli law enforcement officials believe that Abdoush was raped and that she has become a symbol of the horrors inflicted on Israeli women and girls in October.
He said that She has 7 attacks.
Israeli authorities say Hamas terrorists have committed atrocities against women in locations they attacked, including rave venues, military bases along the Gaza border, and kibbutzim.
Two-month Times investigation reveals harrowing new details, finding attacks on women were not isolated incidents but part of a wider pattern of gender-based violence in October.
The Times, relying on video footage, photographs, cell phone GPS data, and interviews with more than 150 people, including witnesses, medical personnel, soldiers, and rape counselors, found that Israeli women and girls were We have identified at least seven locations where it appears to be sexually abused or mutilated

the woman in the black dress hamas video,

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