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lauren boebert beetlejuice full video explained

lauren boebert beetlejuice full video
According to the news and web search results, Lauren Boebert is a Republican congresswoman from Colorado who was kicked out of a musical theater performance of “Beetlejuice” in Denver on Sunday, September 12, 2023.

She was accused of vaping, using flash photography, filming the show, being loud, and acting inappropriately with her date during the show, which was recommended for children 10 and up. A video obtained by 9News shows Boebert vaping, dancing, recording, and being groped by her date in the middle of the performance.

She also flipped off the staff as she was escorted out of the theater. Boebert initially denied vaping and claimed she was removed for singing too loud, but later changed her stance and apologized for her behavior. She also said she did not recall vaping that evening. You can watch the video here.



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