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8 Twitter reactions to Rose Montoya White House Video

Rose Montoya White House Video drew bans and condemnations after the influencer posed topless at Joe Biden’s White House Pride celebration.

Rose Montoya White House Video

Rose Montoya, an influencer, recently sparked outrage and condemnation after a video of her posing topless at the White House Pride celebration was shared on social media. The video, which showed Montoya dancing and removing her top in front of the White House, drew bans and criticism from various individuals and groups. Many people found her actions disrespectful and inappropriate, especially considering the significance of the event and the fact that it was held at the White House.

Rose Montoya White House Video

Montoya has since apologized for her actions, stating that she did not mean to offend anyone and that she was simply caught up in the moment. However, the incident has reignited discussions around appropriate behavior at public events and the responsibilities of influencers on social media.

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