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Paris And Kuaron Harvey The Real Video

paris and kuaron harvey the real video

The online trend of “Paris and Kuaron Harvey the real video” is being investigated by authorities, as many people are discussing it. The incident occurred on March 25, 2022, where two children, who were cousins, were playing with a pistol resulting in an unintentional shooting and “freak accident” which led to the death of Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey.

paris and kuaron harvey the real video

The viral video, reportedly captured on Instagram Live, shows Paris allegedly shooting and killing her cousin before shooting herself. The incident was deemed an accidental shooting, resulting in a “murder-suicide.”

Paris’ mother, Shanise Harvey, was unaware of who the gun belonged to or how her daughter obtained it. Due to its graphic content, the disturbing video has gone viral on Twitter, shocking the internet, and sparking new interest amongst internet users on Reddit.

paris and kuaron harvey the real video

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