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Watch Conor McGregor Miami Heat video

Conor McGregor Miami Heat video

conor mcgregor miami heat video

In a skit gone awry, Conor McGregor unintentionally sent Miami Heat mascot Burnie to the hospital, despite promoting his own pain-relieving product.

 Conor McGregor Miami Heat video

Why did McGregor hit heat mascot?

On Saturday, The Heat announced that an unnamed employee had been given pain medication and was recuperating at home. McGregor had attended the event to promote a pain-relief spray, but was met with disapproval from a significant portion of the Miami audience.

Did Conor McGregor hit the heat mascot?

With a left hook, McGregor struck Burnie, causing him to fall. After Burnie hit the ground, McGregor landed another punch on the mascot. McGregor proceeded to attempt to apply the pain-relief product to the mascot, while a few members of the Heat’s in-game promotional crew pulled Burnie away from the court.

Who is the Miami Heat mascot?


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